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Just FYI, I have never heard an SF techie say these kinds of things. The many people I've talked to at networking events, 500Startups, and through friends have expressed empathy that so many people have it so hard, an urge to help in whatever way we can, and anger at the system and culture that has placed so many people out of reach of the benefits of a developed country. A lot of us are now talking about a basic income, which would give people the freedom to create wonderful things and do what they love -- which as a side effect would provide a huge boost to the economy in additional production and consumption.

But "human trash"? No. I tend to filter out people who think like that.

Nice way to keep your local environment synced up with heroku remotes.

Web designers of a variety of stripes often post redesigns of popular sites to show off their skills. Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter. I would love to see industrial designers in tech do something similar. Somebody take the laptop and offer a design that isn't an Apple ripoff. I guess it's hard to convey things like feel, weight, and material through a visual medium like the internet. But even a visual redesign in some CAD program that isn't aluminum, buttonless trackpad and black 2.5mm keyboard would be a breath of fresh air.

Apple spends a lot of time making their devices so simple and obvious it's difficult to imagine any other way. That's what makes their designs great.

a lot of what we seem to be doing in a product like that is actually getting design out of the way, and I think when forms develop with that sort of reason, and they’re not just arbitrary shapes, it feels almost inevitable, it feels almost un-designed, it feels almost like “of course it’s that way, I mean, why wouldn’t it be any other way?” - Jony Ive, in Objectified

But great designers surely can see other ways. And it would be great to get more of those views into the public conciousness. It might make Apple lose its monopoly on cool.

Something different?

Probably want to make this helper file in .js rather than .coffee -- Coffescript and JSON don't get along too well, it seems. Other than that, awesome!

You would not believe how long it took to get to this solution.

Hey, SaaS companies - stop calling me at random times just because I created a free account on your service. Seriously, New Relic, Pingdom, and several others have been guilty of this over the past few months. It's a trend now, and it's annoying as hell.

You want to show that you offer amazing support, go the extra mile, blah blah blah. Well, how about waiting until I actually need support to demonstrate that? That's when it's actually critical, not when I'm playing around with your integration. And even if it's just a customer lifecycle thing, and you want to "make sure I'm getting the most" out of your software, what about the common courtesy of emailing me first asking for an appointment? Maybe I can pencil you in.

Anyway, seriously, stop fucking calling me. Nobody likes telemarketers.

relation.where("status != ?", "complete").exists? # => nil
relation.where("coalesce(status, '') != ?", "complete").exists? # => "1"

Really Postgres? NULL == 'string' ? Really?