I love Mike Gunderloy's "Double Shot" posts on his blog A Fresh Cup. Inspired by that, here's a link roundup of some stuff I've read lately, mainly from my Pinboard.

How to monitor Redis performance metrics - Guess what I've been up to for the last week or two?

redis-rdb-tools - Python tool to parse Redis dump.rdb files, analyze memory, and export data to JSON. For some advanced analysis, load the exported JSON into Postgres and run some queries.

redis-memory-analyzer - Redis memory profiler to find the RAM bottlenecks through scaning key space in real time and aggregate RAM usage statistic by patterns.

LastPass password manager suffers ‘major’ security problem - They've had quite a few of these, recently.

0.30000000000000004.com - Cheat sheet for floating point stuff. Also, a hilarious domain name.

Subgraph OS - An entire OS built on TOR, advanced firewalls, and containerizing everything. Meant to be secure.