I wanted to try out basscss. Ended up changing the fonts, color scheme, and fixing syntax highlighting all over the place. Now using highlightjs, which looks like the only well-supported syntax highlighter than can guess which language your snippet is in.

This blog’s been around for 5 years now. It’s mostly thanks to Jekyllrb – whatever I want to change about the site, I can do it without having to migrate from one database or format to another. If I need to code something myself, I can do that with Ruby or Javascript or plain ‘ole shell scripts.

atevans.com has run off at least 3 different servers. It’s been on Github Pages, Heroku, Linode, and more. It will never be deleted because some blogging company with a great platform ran out of VC, or added some social dingus I didn’t want.

The git repo has been hosted four different places. When I got pwned earlier this year, the git repo was on the infected server. I just deleted it since my local copy had everything. Benefits of decentralized version control.

I had blogs all over the place before this, but this one has stuck around. I think even if Jekyll dies off somehow, a parser & renderer for a bunch of flat files should be easy in any language. I wonder what this will look like in another 5 years?

atevans.com in basscss