Active Projects

Sales Beach

Automation for sales reps. Send personalized emails to people you need to contact, automatically follow up with contacts who don't respond, A/B test different email content, track opens & clicks, and get warm leads in your inbox every day.

Great for building a source of predictable revenue.


Your Soundcloud stream has both DJ mixes and single songs. Go here to listen to just the DJ mixes and use your SoundCloud like a radio.

Past Projects


The easiest way to find your fellow Gaymers in the games you play, in your city or town, and on your gaming networks. Also running GaymerX, the first LGBT-focused tech and gaming fan convention. August 3 & 4, 2013 San Francisco!

Just when we had cleaned up the major technical debt and started on a redesign focused on the social network (instead of promotion, con management tools and gamification), leadership for the project came to some irreconcilable disagreements, and I left the project. It was shut down almost immediately.


Blogging. For Developers

Developers need power features. Version control for your posts. Command-line backup. Editing in markdown. Code highlighting with Pygments. One-click posting from Stack Overflow, Github, and more. Jekyllhub provides.

Pic Hammer

Resize your images. Fast.

Drag an image into your web browser, crop, and instantly get a Twitter size, Facebook size, Youtube size, etc, etc. One-page, no login, ultra simple.

Gamer Talent

Find the right people to make your game. Artists, sound engineers, developers, writers - find them all, browse their past work, and pick the right person to work with on your next game project. The perfect way to spend your Kickstarter money.

Unfortunately, I ran out of time for this when I joined Sales Beach. That said, the guys at Develteam are building a strong community, and I hope they succeed with it.

Friendly Hires

Work with people you trust.

Friendly hires finds the local jobs that are right for you, then tells you which of your friends from Facebook / LinkedIn / etc work there, so you know just who to talk to in order to get the edge. On the flip side, if you company is hiring, Friendly Hires tells you which of your friends are job-hunting, and what kind of skills they have.

We originally made this for the Compute Midwest Hackathon. The team has since moved on to make Rent Pony, and I have moved out from the KC area. It was a lot of fun, and I hope I get to work with such talented folks again!

Fix It Button

Simple home tech support.

Internet down? Trouble with the DVR? Game system having trouble? Fix it Button was designed to provide the same kind of home tech support that geeks often have to do for free, but without the guilt of stealing time from your loved ones. Anything we could talk through on the phone, we could fix.

We made this for Startup Weekend KC and had a blast doing it. The business challenges proved to be far greater than the infrastructure and technological challenges, and ultimately we decided not to move forward with it.

Hacker Music

Stop fighting over the office speakers.

Hacker Music handles an office music server that anyone can upload to, and provide a queue of songs coming up that anyone could vote on. It would play those over and Icecast station, which you could plug into the office speakers. Keep in mind this was long before, and even before Homebrew.

This was going to be open source, and I got a few good contributions to it. But ultimately, playing music for people requires a benevolent dictatorship (or oligarchy, in Turntable's case) and not a democracy.